Institute for Research on Innovation & Science Invites Applications for 2020 Researcher Awards

The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) has issued a call for proposals for its 2020 Researcher Awards.

IRIS seeks to enable fundamental research on the results of public and private investments that support discovery, innovation, and education on U.S. university campuses and accomplishes that goal by: 1) collecting and curating data from universities around the country; 2) cleaning, integrating, and protecting that data in its capacity as an IRB-approved data repository; 3) partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to link university data to restricted federal micro-data; and 4) making the resulting datasets as broadly available to research users as the law and responsible research practice allow. 

Through the awards program, grants of up to $20,000 over up to fifteen months will be awarded in support of research using IRIS UMETRICS data to address questions about the social and economic returns to investments in research.

Proposals submitted for IRIS Researcher Awards must emphasize the use of IRIS data in projects that address open issues in the study of science and technology and in science policy. Topics of particular interest include but will not be limited to new methods to estimate social and economic return on investment for funding from various sources (federal, philanthropic, industrial, and institutional); studies about the relationship between research training, career outcomes, and the downstream productivity of employers; research on the relationship between different funding sources and mechanisms and the structure and outcomes of collaboration within and across campuses; analyses of the distinctive contribution university research makes to regional economic development and resilience; and examinations of the effects different funding sources and mechanisms have on research teams and the productivity and efficiency of the academic research enterprise as a whole. Particular attention will be given to work that develops and tests strategies for using IRIS data to support causal claims. 

To be eligible, applicants need not be affiliated with a current IRIS member institution; however, they must be affiliated with an academic or research institution in the United States.

See the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: September 25, 2019