Croft Residency Invites Applications From Choreographers for Rootstock 20

The Croft Residency in Michigan seeks to provide residents with a platform to cultivate their creativity, as well as a refuge in nature where they can draw inspiration and nourishment from the environment and share their art with the northern Michigan community and beyond.

To that end, the organization is inviting applications for its Rootstock 20 residency program. Through the program, choreographers will be awarded with a stipend of $500, reimbursement of travel expenses of up to $450, and living/work space. The Croft property is a site-specific playground where artists are free to dance in the environment as long as they respect nature; the property also contains a 52’ x 44’ dance deck.

Residents are expected to collectively decide a way to give a gift to the land every day, leave a gift for the next visitor or artist to inhabit the space, and engage with the public through either an informal showing or workshop. Residencies may last from one to two and a half weeks.

See the Croft Residency website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: December 15, 2019