Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment Welcomes Applications for Its Distinguished Researchers Program

Cancer research breakthroughs occur through the work of talented and well-resourced scientists. The Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment’s Distinguished Researchers Program aims to bolster cancer research in Washington State by providing matching funds to institutions and companies in the state to recruit best-in-class talent and support newly-recruited researchers from around the globe to lead advances in addressing disparities in cancer care access and outcomes.

To that end, the program will match, dollar for dollar, research companies, universities, and institutions in Washington State that bring leading cancer researchers or newly recruited investigators to the state, up to $500,000 per researcher. CARE Fund grant dollars may be used for any purpose (e.g., salaries, equipment, etc.) that advances the scholar’s research.

The objectives of the CARE Fund and the primary review criteria by which applications will be evaluated are to optimize the use of public funds by giving priority to research utilizing the best science and technology with the greatest potential to improve health outcomes; increase the value of public investments by leveraging Washington State's existing cancer research facilities and talent, as well as clinical and therapeutic resources; incentivize additional investment by requiring private or other non-state resources to match public funds; create jobs and encourage investments that will generate new tax revenues in the state; and advance the biotech, medical device, and healthcare information technology industries in the state.

In addition to the CARE Fund objectives, consideration for funding will be given to Distinguished Researcher applications that demonstrate a focus on cancers that disproportionately burden underserved populations in Washington State; efforts to address disparities in cancer care access or treatment outcomes and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cancer research field; and evidence of collaborative and/or cross-disciplinary or multi-sector approach. The CARE Board will also take in consideration the variety in cancer-related disciplines represented in Washington State as well as the geographic distribution of grantee organizations.

Companies, universities, research institutions, and other organizations in Washington State are eligible to apply for a Distinguished Researchers grant. Applicants must have a substantial presence in Washington, as determined by the CARE Fund based on factors such as number and compensation of full-time equivalent employees who are residents of Washington relative to the applicant’s other sites; having research and development, administrative, or manufacturing facilities located in Washington; and payment of Washington business and occupation or other taxes, or any combination of such factors. Applicant organizations may submit up to a maximum of three applications during the same funding round and must meet one-to-one (1:1) matching fund requirements.

All cancer-related researchers recruited to Washington State are eligible, including basic, translational, clinical, and population-based cancer researchers. The start date of a new recruit must not be more than one hundred and eighty days prior to the date of application deadline. The Distinguished Researcher candidate must devote a minimum of 50 percent effort to research activities. Distinguished Researcher candidates that have active peer-reviewed funding and/or sponsored research agreements will be favored, irrespective of the ability to transfer such funding to Washington State.

Applicant organizations are required to submit applications by February 26, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (PST). Applications should be submitted online via the CARE grants management system. It is anticipated that award decisions will be made by July 2020. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

For additional information, see the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment website.


Deadline: February 24, 2020