Army Heritage Center Foundation Welcomes Applications for Whitman Research Grant in History

The Army Heritage Center Foundation welcomes applications to the LTC John William Whitman Research Grant program. Through the program, a grant of up to $1,750 will be awarded to an unfunded independent researcher who is working on an under-explored topic of military history. The funded research must be conducted at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 

Funds in support of a grantee’s research will be calculated on the following basis: up to $1,750 to cover lodging and meals for any nights spent in the local area when conducting research, mileage reimbursement or airfare to USAHEC, and an allowance for photocopying. Upon the submittal of vouchers and receipts, the foundation will reimburse grantee for expenses related to his or her research.

The grantee will retain intellectual property rights for the materials s/he develop as a result of the research; however, the foundation may use the grantee’s name and likeness on its website and in promotional materials for the Army Heritage Center Foundation and the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center.

To be competitive, proposals should evidence a clear understanding of the existing research in the field and how the proposed work examines an under-explored topic of military history. Applicants are expected to demonstrate both an analytical and descriptive grasp of the project and its ability to benefit of the resources of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education collection.

Application packages must include the following: completed research grant application; curriculum vitae (three pages maximum); project description and justification (two pages maximum); a list of specific holdings that might support on-site research; and two letters of reference from persons familiar with the applicant’s scholarly work.

Applicants interested in the LTC John William Whitman Research Grant should submit an application package (including a proposed project budget) to the Army Heritage Center Foundation no later than March 1, 2020. Announcement of the grant will occur no later than April 1, 2020. 

Applications must be received by the deadline and mailed or emailed directly to the Army Heritage Center Foundation.


Deadline: March 01, 2020