Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Invites Applications for Light-Sheet Instrumentation Capabilities

The mission of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation mission is to provide funding for promising technologies, with a focus on cutting-edge instrumentation and interfaces between disciplines.

To advance this mission, the foundation has issued an RFP for a one-time grant opportunity for the procurement and potential further development of groundbreaking advanced light-sheet instrumentation capabilities, including establishment of robust multidisciplinary science/technology teams involving data-scientist collaborations within the research group.

Under the RFP, grants of up to $1.2 million will be awarded in support of core biological problems and a research program that is enabled by the dynamic, 3D, and long-term imaging capabilities of advanced light-sheet microscopy. Funding may be used for instrumentation acquisition, development, and maintenance; support for data-science collaborations; and costs for the proposed research programs.

Successful proposals must also include a detailed plan on how data scientists will be incorporated into the research team, how they plan to analyze the magnitude of data generated by the microscope systems, and how such analysis will further the specific biological aims of the project. Applicants are encouraged to explore creative solutions to this challenge, including but not limited to collaborations with existing resources at the institution(s), collaborations with other academic or research institutions or national laboratories, the hiring of new faculty, and/or project plans with corporate partners.

Pre-proposals are due March 6, 2020. Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal.

To be eligible, the lead institution submitting the proposal must be a tax-exempt U.S. university or research institution.

See the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: February 28, 2020