Mosaic Company Invites Applications for Food, Water, and Local Community Investments

Since forming in 2004, the Mosaic Company has grown to be a global leader in phosphates and potash crop nutrition.  

The company currently is inviting applications from communities where it has facilities, offices, and key stakeholder agreements in three core areas — food, water, and local community investment.

Food — According to the company, to feed a growing global population food production will have to double by 2050, a daunting challenge considering that today a billion people go to bed hungry each night. Funding from Mosaic will be concentrated in the following areas: food insecurity and food system development in local communities; addressing global food security through development programs focused on smallholder farmers in developing nations where Mosaic has key stakeholders; and research, education, and extension programs primarily focused on soil health and balanced nutrition and increasing the capacity of farmers to grow more food sustainably.

Water — Water is the greatest limiting factor to growing more food, and, at current consumption rates, by 2030 it is estimated that the world will experience a 30 percent shortfall in freshwater supply. Funding will be concentrated in the following areas: conserving resources and encouraging stewardship of the environment, including biodiversity and habitat protection; nutrient stewardship and ecosystem management programs that promote sustainable agriculture and best management practices in watersheds; and preservation and restoration.

Local — Mosaic strives to make investments that will protect and enhance the long-term quality of life in communities. Funding will be concentrated in the following areas: partnerships that enrich the long-term strength of communities in which Mosaic has offices and operations; and organizations in which Mosaic employees are donating their time, talent, and expertise.

To be eligible, applicants must be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or be a charitable organization with the Canadian Revenue Agency, or have an equivalent institutional registration. Unless seeking a global or national partnership, applicants must be located in geographic areas that are home to a Mosaic location or office.

See the Mosaic Company website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.

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Deadline: June 11, 2020