Templeton World Charity Foundation Invites Ideas for Grand Challenges for Human Flourishing

The Templeton World Charity Foundation has launched a new strategy to support scientific research on human flourishing and to translate related discoveries into practical tools. Over the next five years, the foundation will support a range of projects across three distinct stages: discovery, development, and launch, and hopes that this commitment will lead to the development of innovative solutions and new practices that make a lasting impact on human flourishing. Before picking a focal point for the discovery stage of this five-year strategy, the foundation seeks to gather new ideas through an open-submissions process. 

To that end, the foundation has issued a Request For Ideas for Grand Challenges for Human Flourishing and invites researchers across disciplines to participate in an initial phase of idea generation and development, with ideas selected to be used by the foundation to shape its priorities for scientific discovery. Priority will go to interdisciplinary scientific research with the potential to promote physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. Ideas that bridge gaps between empirical science and the humanities are welcomed. The foundation is especially interested in capacities that can be enhanced to promote human flourishing and is committed to the use of open-science practices such as the pre-registration of hypotheses, replication studies, and data sharing.

The foundation expects to invest approximately $40 million through Grand Challenges for Human Flourishing, Applicants whose ideas are chosen through the RFI process may be eligible to apply for one of the grant opportunities based on the idea; to serve as an advisor to Templeton World Charity Foundation as it supports funding in the area; to serve as a champion/talent scout to find other people in the area whom the foundation can support; and to have their idea published in a sponsored edition of a top journal or foundation media outlet.

Any qualified respondent with substantial research experience who is employed full time at an academic or research institution is eligible to submit an idea.

See the Templeton World Charity Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.

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Deadline: October 27, 2020