Chesapeake Bay Trust Accepting Applications for Green Streets Initiative

The Chesapeake Bay Trust is accepting applications for the Chesapeake Bay Green Street/Green Jobs/Green Towns Initiative, which supports local, grassroots-level greening efforts by towns and communities aimed at reducing stormwater runoff.

The initiative provides design and implementation funds for projects meant to enhance green spaces, including the implementation of green urban stormwater practices, efforts to increase the urban tree canopy, and the replacement of impervious surfaces with more permeable materials.

One type of project that can include all three of these practices and increase a community’s sustainability is the "green street." Green streets minimize impacts on their surroundings through a natural systems approach that incorporates a variety of water quality, energy efficient, and other environmental best practices; integrates a system of stormwater management features to increase infiltration and/or filtration of runoff, reduce flows, and enhance watershed health; reduces the amount of water that is piped directly to streams and rivers; and makes the best use of the street tree canopy for stormwater interception as well as temperature mitigation and air-quality improvement. Green streets also encourage pedestrian and/or bicycle access, while providing an aesthetic benefit to their communities.

The program also supports white papers that address innovative ideas for green infrastructure.

The initiative will award grants of up to $30,000 for design projects, up to $75,000 for implementation projects, and up to $20,000 for white papers.

Any municipality, nonprofit organization, neighborhood/community association, and other nonprofit entity in the Chesapeake Bay watershed portion of EPA Region 3 (excluding New York) and and all of Maryland is eligible to apply for Green Streets funding.

See the CBT website for complete program guidelines and application information.

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