GM Issues Call for 'Hometown Giving' Proposals

General Motors is committed to fostering smart, safe, and sustainable communities around the world. In addition to its Hometown Giving program, the company directs its philanthropic resources through three strategic focus areas: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math); Education, Vehicle and Road Safety; and Sustainable Communities. The company's philanthropic investments in each of these areas are intended to provide grantees and partners with the tools and resources needed to develop transformative solutions to pressing problems and create meaningful change.

Although the company is a global organization with a worldwide marketplace, it is proud to call Detroit, Michigan, its hometown and supports nonprofit organizations working to enhance the quality of life in Detroit through education, neighborhood revitalization, and cultural enrichment. 

The opportunities for improvement in Detroit are complex and intertwined. From an educational perspective, 84 percent of children attending Detroit Public Schools are not proficient in grade-three English, and studies have shown that students who can't read at a third-grade level are four times less likely to graduate by age nineteen. In addition, 38 percent of Detroit residents live below the poverty line, the median income in the city is less than $27,000, and the unemployment/under-employment rate is 50 percent.

Against this backdrop, the company is inviting proposals that will help scale strong, innovative, evidence-based solutions that advance student success for all students in Detroit; and that attract individuals to live, work, and play in the city. Specific outcomes include the following:

  • Increase the number of students reading proficiently at a third-grade level
  • Increase the percentage of high school students who graduate from district schools 
  • Increase the number of neighborhoods in the city that are growing and prospering
  • Increase the number of visitors, businesses, and homeowners in the city

To that end, the company will award grants of $25,000 and above to nonprofit organizations working to assist the poorest residents of and neighborhoods in the city and/or with students in grades 3-12 and college, with a special emphasis on women and minorities.

To be successful, grant proposals must align with the company's Hometown Giving focus area and its defined outcomes. All incoming proposals are evaluated against each other and assessed across the following areas:   

Program Need: The applicant organization must establish a clear and compelling need for the proposed intervention and its link to the challenge(s) identified. 

Budget: The organization must provide a complete and accurate budget with a clear narrative that links to the activities in the program; all other sources of funding should also be included.

Program Implementation Plan: The implementation plan should incorporate a detailed activity narrative along with clear and logical steps that connect activities to the program and selected social outcomes. The logic model should be detailed and captures the flow of the program from input to outcome stage.

Program Monitoring and Evaluation Plan: The monitoring and evaluation plan should provide key details on the expected impact of the program and set clear targets to measure progress towards outcomes.

Organization's Capacity to Deliver: Applicants should be able to demonstrate the capacity to successfully implement the program and have a track record of implementing successful projects.

Letters of Inquiry must be received by May 12, 2017. Invitations to submit a full proposal will be based on the merit of the LOI.

For a general program description and application instructions, see the General Motors website.

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