Public Welfare Foundation Accepting LOIs for Criminal, Social Justice Programs

The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. To that end, the foundation is accepting Letters of Intent for projects in its focus areas of criminal justice, youth justice, and workers’ rights.

1) Criminal Justice: The foundation’s Criminal Justice program supports groups working to end over-incarceration of adult offenders and reduce racial disparities in the United States. In particular, the program awards grants to groups that are working on sentencing reform at the state level.

2) Youth Justice: The foundation’s Juvenile Justice program supports groups working to end the criminalization and over-incarceration of youth in the United States. In particular, the program supports groups working to advance state policies that restrict the juvenile justice system’s use of incarceration and expand the use of community-based programs for youth; end the practice of trying, sentencing, and incarcerating youth in the adult criminal justice system; and promote the fair and equitable treatment of youth of color who come into contact with the juvenile justice system.

3) Workers’ Rights: Through its Workers' Rights program, the foundation supports policy and system reforms to improve the lives of low-wage working people in the United States, with a focus on securing their basic legal rights to safe, healthy, and fair conditions at work. Specifically, the program awards grants to groups working to advance reforms designed to hold employers accountable for wage theft; advance reforms to prevent severe illness, injury, and death on the job; and advance workers’ rights in complex, fissured employment arrangements through research and strategic thought leadership.

To be eligible, applicants must be considered a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

LOIs are accepted on a rolling basis. If, after review, a full proposal is invited, applicants will be assigned a deadline for the proposal submission.

For complete program guidelines, FAQs, and application instructions, see the Public Welfare Foundation website.


Deadline: July 10, 2018