California Historical Society Accepting Proposals for Book Award

The California Historical Society is accepting nominations for the California Historical Society Book Award of book-length manuscripts that deepen public understanding of an aspect of the state's history.

A cash prize of $5,000 will be awarded for a manuscript that makes an important contribution to California historical scholarship and adheres to high scholarly standards while being lively and engaging to general readers. In addition to conventional works of historical scholarship, other genres such as biography, collections of letters or essays, photographic studies, creative nonfiction, or other ways of informing the mind and engaging the imagination in an understanding of California's past will be considered.

The winning manuscript will be published in both print and e-book format and will be recognized at an awards ceremony, through a promotional campaign, and with an author's tour.

To be eligible, manuscripts should be at least forty thousand words, with preference given to manuscripts of fewer than seventy-five thousands words. In addition, the topic should be broad enough to be of interest to readers across the state.

See the California Historical Society website for eligibility, information about previous years, and application guidelines.


Deadline: February 15, 2019