AmerisourceBergen Foundation Accepting LOIs for Opoid Resource Grant Program

Pharmaceutical company AmerisourceBergen created the AmerisourceBergen Foundation as a separate not-for-profit charitable organization with the aim of supporting health and education-related causes that enrich the lives of its global community. To accomplish that goal, the foundation provides funding for programs and organizations focused on expanding access to quality healthcare — both human and animal — around the world.

In the view of the foundation, the current epidemic of opioid abuse and misuse is a crisis that demands attention, action, and accountability. Understanding the need for expediency, the foundation is inviting grant-funded nonprofit organizations to submit proposals that describe how it can best contribute resources and funding to address opioid abuse and misuse. Grants will be awarded for the most innovative and constructive solutions in one of two key areas of focus: safe disposal and education around prevention.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify and leverage existing, proven, evidence-based frameworks and strategies, as well as existing tools and materials, but may also propose original and innovative projects. Applications focused on education may address a spectrum of needs, but priority will be given to the effective dissemination of the following topics: provider education about appropriate opioid prescribing; patient education about the risks and effects of prescription opioids, and what to do if they have concerns about addiction; public education, especially aimed at rural communities; training to reduce youth risk factors (such as delinquency) and boost protective factors (such as decision-making skills for problem solving and resisting peer pressure; addiction as a childhood onset condition; preventing teens from initiating problematic opioid use in the first place; and advising parents of teens to lock up prescription opioid medications and dispose of old pills.

Although not required, the foundation encourages multiple organizations to develop a collective, collaborative partner submission. 

Grants will be awarded through a two-phase process. In Phase 1, the foundation requests a high-level overview of the proposal in the form of a one- to two-page Letter of Intent. Proposals that advance to Phase 2 will be asked to submit a complete grant proposal.

LOIs will be reviewed on an ongoing basis but must be submitted by July 31, 2018. 

Grant amounts will depend on the needs of each grantee but will not exceed $100,000. The foundation expects the average grant size to be between $50,000 to $75,000.

For a complete program description, detailed proposal evaluation criteria, and application instructions, see the AmerisourceBergen Foundation website.