Alliance for California Traditional Arts Invites Applications for Apprenticeship Program

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts is inviting applications to its Apprenticeship Program, which seeks to encourage the continuity of the state’s traditional arts and cultures by contracting with master artists to deliver intensive, one-on-one training to qualified apprentices. 

Each contract will support a period of concentrated learning of between six to twelve months for apprentices who demonstrate a committed engagement with and talent for a specific folk and/or traditional art form or practice. ACTA staff will work closely with the apprenticeship pair to gauge and document progress and offer assistance and support. Upon agreeing to the contract, the apprenticeship pair will be required to go through an orientation. Each apprenticeship team also will be required to organize some type of public offering (performance, exhibit, lecture demonstration, etc.), in consultation with ACTA staff, in order to share the results of their intensive learning cycle.

Contracts of $3,000 will be made with California-based master artists to cover the master artist’s fees, supplies, and travel.

To be eligible, master artists and apprentices must apply together. Master artists must be authorized to work in the United States and be able to receive payments directly. In addition, applicants must be a resident of California.

See the Alliance for California Traditional Arts website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: February 15, 2019