Hirschberg Foundation Invites Applications for Pancreatic Cancer Research Grants

The Hirschberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research is accepting applications for its Seed Grant Program.

The annual program provides start-up funding to basic scientists and clinicians in a position to test innovative ideas for improving the diagnosis of and new treatment modalities for pancreatic cancer; obtain preliminary data required for additional funding from other agencies for pancreatic cancer research;  advance the understanding of pancreatic cancer cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, morphology and response to therapy; and establish collaborations within the field that can be considered for further funding. The foundation expects that seed grant awards will generate quality abstracts, papers, and presentations, as well as new proposals. Priority will be given to investigators whose primary intent is to build a strong curriculum in pancreatic cancer research.

Grant amounts will be determined on a project-by-project basis.

To be eligible, applicants must possess a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree with the intent of developing a strong curriculum in pancreatic cancer research. All levels of academic faculty (assistant, associate, and full professors) are eligible. In addition, research scientists and research associates with recommendations from their academic faculty supervisor(s), as well as postdoctoral fellows and young investigators who have completed two years of training in pancreatic cancer research in any academic or private institution of the U.S., may apply.

See the Hirshberg Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: August 01, 2018