Regional Arts Commission in St. Louis Invites Nominations for Community Arts Training Institute

The Regional Arts Commission in St. Louis is accepting nominations for its Community Arts Training (CAT) Institute, an innovative program focused around the belief that art has the power to be an agent for positive social change.

Founded in 1997, the five-month training program is designed to foster successful partnerships among artists, social workers, educators, community leaders and activists, policy makers, and more. CAT Institute graduates go on to develop relevant arts programs in community settings such as neighborhood organizations, social service agencies, development initiatives, and afterschool programs.

The CAT Institute is a rigorous program that demands much from its participants. Through a competitive application process, RAC tries to identify dedicated participants that are seeking to learn about the use of the arts in community settings, to develop their collaboration skills, and to explore new concepts and ways of working. Successful participants are eager to collaborate with their fellow participants and faculty, approach the experience with an open mind, and commit to collaboration, communication, community, and creativity.

CAT Institute Fellows are provided with more than sixty hours of training, which occur during intensive two-day sessions and in lab team assignments. The training takes place over the course of five months (from November 2018 to March 2019) and is supplemented by professional development opportunities offered through the CAT Institute. The program's goals include bringing artists and community workers/social service providers together to understand each others' language and points of view; creating the space for participants to confront and grapple with unique issues in program planning and adaptability, partnership development, teaching and situational strategies, and assessment tools; providing an active, progressive experience through a rigorous mentor-based curriculum; and fostering an ongoing support system for artists and community organizers/social service providers engaged in community-based work

All CAT Institute Fellows are accepted on a scholarship basis, with the only cost to participants being some books if they choose to buy them.

For complete program guidelines, and nomination instructions, see the Regional Arts Commission website.


Deadline: August 30, 2018