Marguerite Casey Foundation Accepting Nominations for Patiño Moore Legacy Award

In partnership with the Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE) and Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP), the Marguerite Casey Foundation launched the Patiño Moore Legacy Award in 2011 to recognize organizations whose work fosters collaborations by Latino and African-American communities aimed at effecting positive, sustainable change for all American families. The award is named after Dr. Douglas Patiño and Wenda Weekes Moore, independent leaders in the fields of higher education and public service, for their ongoing legacy of working together to improve relations between black and brown communities.

Through the award, the foundation, ABFE, and HIP recognize and reward the accomplishments of organizations working to break down the barriers that traditionally have existed between Latino and African-American communities and build a national movement to ensure the well-being of all of American families; generate field-wide understanding and appreciation of the critical value of movement building work that sustains collaboration among diverse constituencies; elevate the efforts of organizations working to engage low-income families in breaking down structural barriers to racial, social and economic equity; and foster peer network engagement, learning, and collaboration among organizations serving low-income families.

The winner of the award will receive up to $150,000 over twelve months to support its work to unite black and brown communities around a shared vision of economic and social well-being. The selection committee is especially interested in achievements that have the potential to inspire and raise the capacity of other organizations and individuals to build a family-led movement across cultures, races, ethnicities, regions, and issues.

Only voting members of ABFE and HIP are eligible to submit nominations. Nominators should be exceptionally familiar with the nominee and able to clearly articulate the impact and significance of their work. Nominees must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a clear history of accomplishments in fostering collaboration between black and brown communities. Priority will be given to organizations able to demonstrate deep relationships between organizational leadership, organizational staff, and community members.