GriffinHarte Foundation Invites Applications for Projects Promoting Civil Discourse

The GriffinHarte Foundation promotes civil conversations about issues that divide us and are often contentious and difficult to sort through. These issues usually involve questions of fairness, equity, respect, identity, and the complex ways in which humans are connected to each other.

Because the foundation believes that communication is one of the key elements to understanding and working with social differences, it supports and promote conversations, research, and scholarship that are grounded in questions about civility and feminism; informed by a desire to define, explore, and advocate for social, political, and economic justice in professional and personal lives; and centered in an explicit recognition of the ways lives and communication are influenced by identities — gender and sex, race and ethnicity, age and physical abilities, and education and economic standing.

In addition, the foundation supports and promotes educational practices and research that are focused on how we teach as well as what we teach; grounded in a commitment to alternative pedagogies and educational practices; and informed by an explicit recognition of the ways identities, genders and sex, feminisms, civility, and civic engagement relate to social, political, and economic justice.

Grant amounts will range from between $100 to $1,000.

See the GriffinHarte Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.