Nathan Cummings Foundation Accepting Applications for Climate Crisis, Inequality Fellowships

Rooted in the Jewish tradition of social justice, the Nathan Cummings Foundation focuses on finding solutions to the two biggest problems of our time â€” the climate crisis and growing inequality.

As part of this mission, the foundation is seeking applications for its annual Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship program, which provides three individuals with up to $150,000 each over eighteen months to pursue a visionary social justice, economic justice, and/ or climate change objective.

The foundation is interested in projects that demonstrate exceptional vision and a willingness to disrupt entrenched systems and take risks. All proposed projects must relate to at least one of the major challenges the foundation is dedicated to addressing: inequality and climate change. Fellowship applications should align with at least one of the foundation’s four focus areas within these two major issues: Inclusive Clean Economy; Racial and Economic Justice; Corporate and Political Accountability; and Voice, Creativity and Culture.

The NCF Fellowship welcomes a diverse pool of applicants representing a variety of fields. Applicants should hold a deep understanding of their subject area, possess a clear analysis of their field, and be able to demonstrate a proven history of professional accomplishment and risk-taking.

See the Nathan Cummings Ffoundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: December 15, 2018