Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health Seeks Applications for Group Therapy Research Projects

The Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health is dedicated to changing lives by advancing the most effective and innovative approaches to group therapy education, training, research, and community outreach.

To that end, the foundation is seeking applications for research focused on the effectiveness of group psychotherapy. Grants of up to $15,000 will be awarded based on the importance of the research to the field, the seniority of the investigators, and the number of research applications received.

Funding can be used to support the basic costs of research (e.g., supplies, research equipment, photocopying, postage, computer services, statistical consultation, and research assistant salaries); investigator salaries and travel expenses will not be funded. (Equipment purchased for use with a research project is to be donated to an institution at the completion of the project.)

See the Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health website for eligibility guidelines and application instructions.


Deadline: November 01, 2019