Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Seeking Applications for Seeding Solutions Grants

With the goal of encouraging unique partnerships that support innovative and potentially transformative agricultural research, the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research is seeking applications for its Seeding Solutions Grants program.

The program supports projects that further FFAR's challenge areas; leverage strong partnerships across multiple sectors (private, NGO, government, academia, etc.); contribute to the goal of sustainable food and agriculture; and serve the public by making data open and accessible.

Work in FFAR's Challenge Areas aims to solve large-scale agricultural problems while illuminating broad implications and impacts. They include the Health-Agriculture Nexus (innovative systems-level approaches aimed at reducing food and nutritional insecurity and improving human health in the United States and globally); Advanced Animal Systems (promoting sustainable animal systems through innovative technologies, environmentally-sound production practices, and advancements in animal health and welfare); Sustainable Water Management (the sustainable increase of water availability and water efficiency for agricultural use, with a goal of reducing agricultural water pollution and developing water reuse technology using a coordinated landscape approach); Soil Health (the enrichment of soil by building knowledge, fueling innovation, and enabling the adoption of soil management practices); Next Generation Crops (the development of non-traditional crops and creation of new economic opportunities for conventional crops that will increase future crop diversity and farm profitability); and Urban Food Systems (increasing society’s capacity to feed urban populations through urban and peri-urban agriculture, augmenting the capabilities of the current food system).

In 2019, FFAR anticipates funding at least one application in each Challenge Area for an amount ranging between $300,000 and $1 million over twelve to sixty months. Opportunities require at least a one-to-one match from a non-federal source. 

Pre-applications are due April 19, 2019. (FFAR encourages applicants to reach out to the appropriate scientific program director in their area of interest in order to hone their idea prior to submitting a pre-application.) Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit a full application by June 12, 2019.

Any U.S. institution of higher education, nonprofit or for-profit organization, government-affiliated researcher, or domestic or international organization is eligible to apply.

See the FFAR website for complete program guidelines, application instructions, and past Seeding Solutions grant winners.


Deadline: April 26, 2019