June 20 - June 20, 2019

As family philanthropists, we have the unique ability to respond nimbly to community needs and be trusted partners with our nonprofit grantees. Despite these relationships, do we always show up truly listening to what the community wants and needs? And while we rely on many best practices to help us leverage and maximize our grantmaking, is there something we are omitting, maybe even neglecting, that could be diminishing our impact?

We know that our long-term relationships with nonprofit partners are often complicated by the power dynamic that exists between funders and grantees. However, there is also another often-overlooked dynamic: privilege.   

This year’s Family Philanthropy Conference will explore how privilege affects family philanthropy at a personal, family and community level. We will hear inspiring examples from fellow philanthropists of how they are amplifying their grantmaking portfolios by confronting their privilege, demonstrating cultural humility, and incorporating a racial equity lens.   

With ample time for dialogue and networking with colleagues, you will leave the conference with clear, actionable steps to level the playing field and advance your foundation’s investments in individuals and in the community.