September 14 - September 16, 2021

Corporate Citizenships professionals have had to adapt in 2020 quickly. With the increase in natural disasters, a reckoning of racial and social justice issues, a need for more meaningful measurement, and a more unstable global environment, what does this mean for practitioners? How are businesses preparing and responding?

This 3-part series addresses how best to operationalize corporate citizenship and philanthropy for the current environment, focusing on International Grantmaking, Disaster Philanthropy and Impact Measurement. 

Topics Include:

Day 1: International Grantmaking

  • Considerations for Your International Giving Strategy
  • Working with NGOs Outside the US

Day 2: Disaster Philanthropy

  • Developing Disaster Assessment Filters
  • Leveraging Your Company‚Äôs Assets for Disaster Response

Day 3: Impact Measurement

  • Connecting Impact Measurement to Strategy
  • Data and Systems for Impact Measurement

Benefits of Attending

  • Review legal and operational issues related to international grantmaking
  • Discuss pro-active versus responsive strategies for disaster response
  • When and how to use data and evaluation to maximize the impact
  • Network during breakout sessions to brainstorm and problem-solve, develop solutions, and articulating next steps for post-training activation