Black Fox Philanthropy

327 Majestic View Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Contact: Natalie Lynn-Rekstad, Founder & CEO

Black Fox Philanthropy's team of fundraising strategists serves global nonprofits. With over seventy years of combined experience, our team knows what it takes to attract vital funding necessary to take an organization to the next level of impact. We deliver actionable insights with depth, efficiency, timeliness, and within budget. Our team's broad range of experience, knowledge, and focused expertise in key areas of development strategy helps organizations get out of the cycle of fundraising urgency so they can do their work in a powerful and sustainable way.

Our primary drivers are Fierce Compassion and Global Impact. Our mission is to mobilize significant resources to help solve complex problems on a global scale.

Recent clients include Concern Worldwide, Pencils of Promise, Thriive, Splash, and Bridges to Prosperity.

Together, We Are a Force for Good.

To learn more, contact us.