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Peer-to-Peer Online Social Network Fundraising

Prospects are more likely to donate when asked by friends and associates, so DonorPages makes it easy for your supporters to create individual donor pages, branded with your graphics and messaging, that collect donations online. You can have multiple DonorPages sites for events and ongoing campaigns that empower your constituents to promote awareness and ask for donations on your behalf.

Donors, volunteers and event participants reach out to family, co-workers and more via e-mail, links on Facebook and Twitter, or simply passing on their personal fundraising Web address. Statistics show that personal appeals are far more likely to be successful, due to trust in and affinity for your supporter. For example, one $500 a year donor raised $5,000 in one year when given her own DonorPage!

DonorPages is perfect for sponsor events such as Walk-a-thons, Dance-a-thons, Bowl-a-thons, Fun Runs, and more. Also, you can use them for memorials and tributes, capital campaigns, and supporter "self-managed" fundraising such as individual bike rides, fundraising parties, and bake sales. DonorPages is a highly effective and affordable way to give your supporters the tools they need to become fundraisers!