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Secrets to a Happy Fundraising Career (and a Sane One, Too)

Secrets to a Happy Fundraising Career (and a Sane One, Too)

Sarah Beaulieu April 17, 2014

In the latest article in our MyCareer series, Sarah Beaulieu, a senior advisor to Opportunity Nation and founder of the Enliven Project, shares six tips designed to help development staff stay happy and centered....

Burned Out and Don't Know What to Do?

Burned Out and Don't Know What to Do?

Mitch Nauffts February 21, 2014

In the latest article in our MyCareer series, we share a gem from the PNDTalk archives: a frustrated mid-career development professional named Maddy receives some terrific advice from three board participants....

The CEO Perspective: How Summer Search Changed Amy Saxton

The CEO Perspective: How Summer Search Changed Amy Saxton

Commongood Careers January 15, 2014

The latest article in our MyCareer series is an interview with the CEO of Summer Search about her experiences leading the organization, the opportunities for it she sees ahead, and the importance of building the organization's capacity to create deeper impact....

New to the Job Market? Control Yourself

Benjamin Selznick May 9, 2013

Ben Selznick, a career counselor at Marymount Manhattan College and private advisor for individuals seeking to make the college-to-career transition, guides new graduates interested in working in the nonprofit sector through the wilds and worries of the jobseeking process....

PNP Salary Survey Report: 'The Year of the Program'

Robert Duvall April 11, 2013

Robert F. Duvall, director of special projects at Professionals for NonProfits, provides an overview of its just-released annual Salary Survey Report, and predicts trends in nonprofit hiring and operations through the rest of 2013....

Give Credit Where It's Due

Ben Dattner January 31, 2013

Organizational psychologist Ben Dattner considers how blame and recognition make a difference in staff performance and provides tips to help your organization motivate its teams....

View From the Talent Pool: Conferences are a Nonprofit Professional's Best Friend

Commongood Careers, Kevin Flynn August 15, 2012

Just in time for the fall conference season, this article provides tips on how to strategize to make the most of a conference before, during, and after the event. Even if you are not actively on the job market, conferences are an amazing opportunity to build your professional network and get to know prospective employers....

Uncommon Talent: Lior Ipp, Breakthrough Collaborative

Commongood Careers, Maria Peralta July 11, 2012

For over three decades, Breakthrough Collaborative has been preparing underserved middle school students around the country for college while recruiting and training high school and college students to become educators. Lior Ipp, the organization's new executive director, discusses the challenges in education today, the next phase for growth at the organization, and his thoughts on leadership....

What to Do When a Recruiter Calls You

Commongood Careers, Kevin Flynn May 31, 2012

Today's nonprofits are getting serious about recruitment. Some are increasing their in-house capacity, hiring internal recruiters or talent managers. Others are partnering with external recruiting firms that focus on targeting passive candidates in the job market....

How the Nonprofit Sector Is Like a Giant Potato

Commongood Careers, James Weinberg April 10, 2012

In an old Irish folktale, a man grew a giant potato in his garden, so big that it could feed his entire village. But the oversized tuber caused a series of logistical challenges that threw his hungry neighbors into a tailspin; the man's wife suggests that the potato can be cut up and eaten, thus saving the day. In today's labor market, the nonprofit sector is sort of like that giant potato. For the past several years, the sector has been growing at such a rate that it's become tough for most folks to know what to make of it....

Views From the Talent Pool: S*** Interviewers Say

Commongood Careers March 7, 2012

Interview settings can present challenging communication dynamics, even for the most experienced candidates. To help navigate through these nuanced conversations, here are few things you might hear, as well as suggestions for how to best prepare yourself to respond....