2018 U.S. Gates Cambridge Scholars Announced

2018 U.S. Gates Cambridge Scholars Announced

The UK-based Gates Cambridge Trust has announced the 2018 class of U.S. Gates Cambridge Scholars.

The thirty-five scholars will pursue graduate studies at Cambridge University in England, with seventeen studying for a one-year master's degree and eighteen pursuing their PhDs, in fields ranging from cancer research, chemistry, and technology policy to classics, education, and music. Research topics include historical consciousness and the sociology of memory, the systematic behavior of trace metals in active volcanic systems, international space relations, the psychological underpinnings of morality and prosocial behavior, and how immunotherapies leverage the body’s natural defense mechanism.

Established in 2001 with a $210 million endowment gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the program selects students based on their academic ability and potential for leadership. An additional cohort of fifty-five international scholars will be announced in April.

For a complete list of 2018 U.S. Gates Cambridge Scholars, see the Gates Cambridge Trust website.

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