A Third of Millennials Support Trump, Are Actively Engaged in Causes

A Third of Millennials Support Trump, Are Actively Engaged in Causes

Supporters of Donald J. Trump account for at least a third of millennials surveyed and are among the most actively involved of their generation, a research brief from Achieve and the Case Foundation finds.

Based on data from a survey of three thousand millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) conducted in July and August for the 2017 Millennial Impact Report Phase 2: The Power of Voice: A New Era of Cause Activation and Social Issue Adoption, the brief, Who Are the Millennials Supporting Donald Trump? (5 pages, PDF), found that 35 percent of millennial voters said they voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. This past summer, nearly two-thirds of those Trump supporters said the country was headed in the "right" (44 percent) or "absolutely right" (18 percent) direction and nearly three-quarters were "satisfied" (45 percent) or "extremely satisfied" (28 percent) with Trump, while only 3 percent each were "unsatisfied" or "extremely unsatisfied." In addition, 58 percent of the millennial Trump supporters surveyed said the president had addressed the causes and social issues important to them well (35 percent) or "very well" (23 percent).

According to the brief, while a quarter of  millennial Trump supporters surveyed viewed themselves as "activists" and half as "supporters," they seemed to make little distinction between the two: 89 percent defined either activist or supporter as someone who publicly supports or recommends a certain cause or policy. Two-thirds of self-identified "activists" also believed that the actions they took (66 percent) and/or the actions of organizations they supported (68 percent) would lead to improvements with respect to the causes or policies they support, with donations of cash and social media actions registering the largest post-election increases among Trump supporters.

The survey also found that employment, healthcare reform, and immigration were the top three issues Trump supporters cared about, whereas millennials overall ranked civil rights/discrimination above employment and healthcare reform. One difference between actions taken by Trump-supporting millennials in support of causes and social issues and those taken by millennials overall: while Trump supporters voted, signed petitions, and posted on social media like their peers, they did not change what products or services they bought based on a company’s relationship to a cause they cared about.

"Who Are the Millennials Supporting Donald Trump?." Millennial Impact Project Research Brief 11/20/2017.