ADDF Awards $1.5 Million for Alzheimer's Research

The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation has announced five grants totaling nearly $1.5 million in support of innovative research on Alzheimer’s and related diseases of the brain.

Three of the grants will support clinical and preclinical drug programs aimed at translating the latest findings about Alzheimer’s into drugs to treat the disease, while the other two will fund research on biomarkers for early detection of frontotemporal dementia, Alzheimer’s, and related diseases.

The grants include $539,798 to Paul Newhouse, M.D., Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Long-Term Nicotine Treatment of Mild Cognitive Impairment); $215,293 to Carmela R. Abraham, Ph.D., Boston University School of Medicine (Development of Klotho Enhancers as Novel Therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease); $161,759 to Berkley Lynch, Ph.D., Rodin Therapeutics (Selective HDAC2 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease); $164,990 to Mari DeMarco, Ph.D., University of British Columbia (Quantitation of TDP-43 Isoforms in Cerebrospinal Fluid by Mass Spectrometry); and $163,626 to Keith St. Lawrence, Ph.D., Lawson Health Research Institute (The Role of Perfusion MRI in Improving the Diagnosis of Frontotemporal Dementia Subtypes and Longitudinal Monitoring of Disease Progression).

"The ADDF is committed to funding novel ideas on the forefront of Alzheimer's research," said ADDF founding executive director and chief science officer Howard Fillit. "These grants will advance an epigenetic therapy, a drug with the potential to slow down the effects of aging on the brain, and another that could preserve memory in people with mild cognitive impairment. And our investments in biomarkers may help physicians detect and accurately diagnose different types of dementia so patients can get appropriate care."

"Five New Grants Fund Promising Treatments & Biomarkers." Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation Press Release 07/07/2016.