Additional details of MacKenzie Scott's philanthropy disclosed

Additional details of MacKenzie Scott's philanthropy disclosed

The details of grants awarded by MacKenzie Scott continue to be announced.

In late July, the former wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that over the fourteen months since signing the Giving Pledge, she had awarded grants totaling more than $1.6 billion to a hundred and sixteen organizations working to advance racial equity and economic justice, address climate change, strengthen public health, and improve education. In the ten days since her announcement, a number of organizations have released the details of those gifts. They include the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, which announced that it had received $40 million from Scott. "We are humbled and incredibly grateful to MacKenzie for her generosity, creativity, confidence, and vision — using her resources in bold ways to invest in efforts to create and sustain stronger futures for American families and communities for many years to come," said the organization's president and CEO, Maurice A. Jones.

Other recipients include Grameen America, which was awarded $25 million to accelerate its strategic microfinance initiatives over the next decade and empower women business owners affected by poverty in the United States; the First Nations Development Institute, which was awarded $8 million in unrestricted funds in support of its efforts to strengthen Native American communities and economies and create a more equitable, compassionate world for future generations; Borealis Philanthropy, whose Fund for Trans Generations was awarded $2 million in support of its efforts to ensure the safety, security, and self-determination of trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, especially Black trans women and femmes; and Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ), a national coalition of five affiliate groups under Advancing Justice, which did not disclose the amount it received.

In addition to Howard University, which received $40 million from Scott, Hampton University ($30 million) and Tuskegee University ($20 million) acknowledged the Giving Pledger as the donor of their record-setting gifts, and while Xavier University of Louisiana did not disclose the identity of the donor of a recent $20 million gift, the university was listed among those that had received a gift from Scott. In addition, Morehouse College ($20 million) and Spelman College acknowledged that they had received sizable gifts from Scott.

"I would like to thank Ms. Mackenzie Scott for her investment into Howard University and our one hundred and fifty-three-year mission of serving a diverse community of dynamic scholars who come here for an education and leave here with purpose to serve the world," said Howard University president Wayne A.I. Frederick. "We plan to immediately put this eight-figure gift to good use to support components of our five-year strategic plan to help students graduate on time, retain our talented faculty, enhance our campus infrastructure, and support academic innovation and entrepreneurship."