Alliance Launched to Tackle Illegal Fishing by Improving Supply Chains

Alliance Launched to Tackle Illegal Fishing by Improving Supply Chains

USAID, FishWise, and the Walton Family, Packard, and Gordon and Betty Moore foundations have announced the launch of an alliance aimed at promoting legal and sustainable fisheries by improving the transparency of seafood supply chains.

Announced at the U.S. State Department's Our Ocean Conference in Malta last week, the Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) will bring representatives of the seafood industry, governments, and nongovernmental organizations together to share knowledge and innovative solutions designed to ensure the global supply of legal and sustainable seafood. As part of the more than $1 billion in public and private funds pledged at a 2016 conference in support of ocean science and conservation efforts, USAID will award $5.3 million — to be matched by the Walton Family Foundation — to FishWise over the next five years to lead and implement the initiative.

According to FishWise, up to 30 percent of global fishing catch is estimated to come from illegal sources, while misidentification of the type of fish, where and when they were caught, and what gear was used to catch them happens at almost every step of the supply chain. The alliance hopes that by improving seafood traceability — the ability to track the movement of seafood through supply chains — businesses and governments will be able to ensure that seafood is legally sourced and fisheries are sustainably managed.

"Seafood is the most widely traded food commodity in the world," said FishWise CEO Tobias Aguirre. "The global nature of the industry poses unique challenges to sustainability. If we can more effectively document and trace our seafood and use that information to empower fisheries managers, we will be one big step closer to long-term sustainability of the industry."

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