Ballmer Group Awards $5 Million to Benefits Data Trust

Ballmer Group Awards $5 Million to Benefits Data Trust

Benefits Data Trust, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that helps people live healthier, more independent lives by creating smarter ways to access public benefits and services, has announced a five-year, $5 million grant from the Ballmer Group.

The grant will enable BDT to scale its data-driven outreach and enrollment assistance for low-income seniors and families; strengthen its collaborations with health plans, hospital systems, and health information exchanges, with the aim of enrolling people for public benefits that are essential for good health and wellness; and bolster efforts to engage federal, state, and community partners in driving policy and systems change. The organization — which currently offers benefit enrollment assistance in Colorado, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, as well as policy assistance in many other states — plans to use the funds to expand its work in new states and regions, add new benefits to its portfolio, and enhance its digital products.

"Today, millions of low-income people across the nation experience hunger, poor health, and other challenges because they cannot easily tap public benefits," said BDT chief executive Trooper Sanders. "This investment from Ballmer Group will accelerate our ability to scale dignified, data-driven, technology-enabled benefits access solutions that will help reduce poverty, lower healthcare costs, and improve people's chances for economic mobility."

"Public benefits set the foundation for economic mobility for kids and families, yet the process to access these benefits is often full of barriers and awareness of eligibility remains a challenge for many," said Korey Klein, Ballmer Group's portfolio manager for technology and data infrastructure. "Benefits Data Trust has proven success in leveraging technology, policy assistance, and customer service to increase awareness of eligibility and break down barriers to accessing critical benefits. We are excited to support their efforts to scale their impact."

(Photo credit: Benefits Data Trust)