Barr Foundation to boost grantmaking by 25 percent in 2021

Barr Foundation to boost grantmaking by 25 percent in 2021

The Boston-based Barr Foundation has announced that it will increase its 2021 grantmaking by 25 percent.

"In 2021, the trustees have authorized a grants budget of between $115-120 million," foundation president and trustee Jim Canales wrote in a year-end blog post. "This represents a more than 25 [percent] increase from our grantmaking levels in...2019 and 2020." 

According to Canales, a large portion of the additional grant dollars will buttress the foundation's commitment to racial equity and enable its program teams to support work that makes that commitment tangible. The foundation also will work to identify new grantee partners while refining and deepening its work with existing partners — "all toward the goal of advancing a shared commitment to racial equity."

Canales also noted that the foundation would continue to offer greater flexibility to grantees next year, as it has since the beginning of the pandemic, in alignment with a Council on Foundations-inspired call for foundations to provide more flexible funding to grantees working to address emergency needs resulting from the pandemic. 

"Many of these practices should become the norm and continue, even when the pandemic recedes," Canales added.

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"A year that changed us all." Barr Foundation blog post 12/16/2020.