Bradley Foundation announces $10 million in grants

Bradley Foundation announces $10 million in grants

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation has announced grants totaling more than $10 million to over a hundred organizations in Wisconsin.

The 2020 grants were awarded to organizations working to strengthen the arts, communities and families, and education in the region. Recipients include the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra, which was awarded a general operating support grant of $20,000; Walnut Way, which was awarded $40,000 in support of its efforts to revitalize Milwaukee's Lindsay Heights neighborhood; and the Milwaukee Academy of Science, which will receive $300,000 toward the renovation and expansion of its building. Other recipients include the Hmong American Peace Academy, which was awarded a grant of $300,000 toward construction of a new high school building, and the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, which was awarded $20,000 in general operating support.

"Public and private sectors have encountered tremendous challenges this year, but local nonprofits who rely on private philanthropy have been especially impacted," said Bradley Foundation president and CEO Rick Graber. "Bradley Foundation grant recipients have navigated the pandemic with remarkable resilience, leadership, and a drive for transforming lives. From offering world class musical performances virtually, to safely opening schools for Milwaukee's most vulnerable students, to helping addicts overcome substance abuse during a time when they're most at risk, the unwavering commitment of grantees continues to contribute to a vibrant civil society in the Milwaukee area and throughout Wisconsin."

(Photo credit: Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra)

"The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation releases local, state grant recipient highlights for 2020." Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation press release 12/14/2020.