Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards 2016 Investigator Grants

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in Great Neck, New York, has announced nearly two hundred grants totaling $13.7 million through its annual NARSAD Young Investigator Grant program.

Two-year grants of $70,000 will support young scientists from seventy institutions in thirteen countries as they pursue their ideas for groundbreaking neurobiological research on the causes, treatment, and development of prevention strategies for psychiatric illnesses, including addiction, attention-deficit disorder, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia. This year, three-quarters of the grants will fund basic research to understand what happens in the brain to cause mental illness; 18 percent will support next-generation therapies for the treatment, symptom reduction, and cure of mental illness; and 7 percent will support efforts to develop new technologies that advance or create new ways to study and understand the brain.

"These young scientists are conducting research into the underpinnings of mental illness that will improve efforts to prevent, diagnose, and treat mental illness," said BBRF Foundation president and CEO Jeffrey Borenstein. "We are grateful to all of our donors whose generosity makes this important research possible and brings us closer to cures that will alleviate the suffering mental illness brings."

"Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Awards $13.7 Million Young Investigator NARSAD Grants." Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Press Release 10/13/2016.