CARE Receives $3 Million to Bolster Education for Women, Children

CARE Receives $3 Million to Bolster Education for Women, Children

MathWorks, a Massachusetts-based developer of software for scientists and engineers, has announced that it has awarded $3 million to CARE in support of multiple education initiatives.

The grant will enable CARE to fund and ensure the continuation of initiatives designed to improve access to quality education for children and women, deliver innovative teaching solutions, provide job training to youth, and support microfinance programs for women. MathWorks has been working with CARE since the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2005.

"MathWorks actively supports programs and initiatives that offer the means for children and adults to learn, especially when that learning is the catalyst for social and economic progress," said MathWorks chief financial officer and senior vice president Jeanne O'Keefe. "We're excited to partner with CARE to help provide education and related resources to underserved communities, with a special focus on women and children, and their development as agents of positive change."

"As we develop and expand programs that tackle extreme poverty around the world, a critical investment we can make is in girls' education," said CARE chief operating officer Heather Higginbottom. "MathWorks recognizes this, too, and we are grateful for both their long-standing commitment to CARE and for this most recent investment that will continue supporting women and girls with the tools and education they need to thrive."

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