Carnegie Corporation Names 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellows

The Carnegie Corporation of New York has announced the 2017 class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows.

Each of the thirty-five fellows will receive grants of up to $200,000 toward the funding of research and writing in the social sciences and humanities leading to the publication of a book or study. Chosen from among two hundred applicants nominated for consideration, the winning scholars and independent researchers submitted proposals addressing a range of issues, including inequity in the U.S. education system, the radicalizing tendencies of social media, human trust and autonomous technology, global governance with respect to geoengineering technologies, voting and electoral processes in the United States, the contribution of misinformation to the European refugee crisis, the global increase in violence against women in politics, and explorations of W.E.B. Du Bois's democratic vision and Edmund Burke's political theories.

"The health of our democracy depends on an informed citizenry, and our universities, academies, and academic associations play an essential role in replenishing critical information and providing knowledge through scholarship," said Carnegie Corporation president Vartan Gregorian. "The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program is designed to support scholarship that brings fresh perspectives from the social sciences and humanities to the social, political, and economic problems facing the United States and the world today."

For a complete list of this year's Andrew Carnegie Fellows, see the Carnegie Corporation website.

"Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program Recognizes 35 Scholars." Carnegie Corporation of New York Press Release 04/26/2017.