Center for Leadership Development Awarded $11.6 Million

Center for Leadership Development Awarded $11.6 Million

The Indianapolis-based Center for Leadership Development has announced an $11.6 million grant from the Lilly Endowment in support of learning and developmental experiences for African-American and minority youth.

The organization will use the grant to scale its services and mentoring programs for CLD students attending colleges and universities where a significant number of the organization's alumni are enrolled, expand its outreach efforts to the student populations it serves, and strengthen its sustainability over the long term. The organization will receive $8.6 million of the grant immediately, while the balance has matching conditions attached to it that are designed to encourage additional contributions in support of the organization's programs.

"We cannot overstate the impact of Lilly Endowment's generosity," said CLD president Dennis Bland. "Expanding CLD's reach will move the organization from transforming individual lives to transforming entire communities, breaking cycles of poverty, and serving as a model for other cities facing challenges in education, public safety, and building a diverse workforce. Thank you, Lilly Endowment, for prioritizing minority youth in Indianapolis and for supporting organizations that seek to positively impact their future."

"Lilly Endowment is proud to have supported CLD since its very beginning because of its commitment to the character development, leadership formation, and academic and career success of African-American and other minority youth," said Lilly Endowment president, CEO, and chair N. Clay Robbins. "The testimonies of CLD alumni to the impact CLD has had on their lives are quite compelling, and our community benefits every day from their leadership. We are pleased that this new grant will help enable CLD to reach even more young people and enhance their CLD experiences."

(Photo credit: Center for Leadership Development)

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