Clinton Foundation and Ukraine Establish HIV/AIDS Partnership

Clinton Foundation and Ukraine Establish HIV/AIDS Partnership

Former President Bill Clinton and Ukrainian Minister of Health Dr. Yuri Poliachenko have signed an agreement enabling the William J. Clinton Foundation, in Little Rock, Arkansas, to assist the government of Ukraine in scaling up the country's HIV/AIDS program.

The partnership will expand the work of the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative in Ukraine, which is already a member of the foundation's generic HIV/AIDS drug procurement consortium. The proposed expansion of that effort includes the establishment of a program for training and mentoring HIV/AIDS clinicians, assistance with national drug procurement processes, and the further incorporation of HIV-positive injection-drug users into comprehensive care and treatment programs. The initiative will streamline and reduce the costs of the national plan, while improving the level of treatment available to the hundreds of thousands of infected Ukrainians.

According to Clinton Foundation officials, Ukraine, with an estimated 500,000 HIV-positive people, is facing one of the most serious HIV/AIDS crises in the region. To meet that challenge, the government of Ukraine has established a national program on HIV/AIDS prevention and an inter-ministerial commission on AIDS chaired by the deputy prime minister.

"I am happy to be in Kiev signing this important agreement extending the Clinton Foundation's work with the government of Ukraine," said former President Clinton. "I applaud my friend President Yuschenko and the government of Ukraine for their proactive stance in the fight against HIV/AIDS."

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