Clinton Foundation Announces New Caribbean Disaster Recovery Projects

Clinton Foundation Announces New Caribbean Disaster Recovery Projects

The Clinton Foundation has announced twenty-eight commitments made through the Clinton Global Initiative Action Network in support of ongoing efforts to promote disaster response, recovery, and resilience in the Caribbean region.

Announced last week at the fifth meeting of the CGI Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the new commitments include a $100 million investment from the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance to help build a thriving business finance ecosystem in Puerto Rico; a pledge from the Flamboyan Arts Fund and CERF+ to support the arts and culture in Puerto Rico after natural disasters; and a commitment from MPC Capital AG to work with U.S.-based foundations and institutional and impact investors to raise and invest $90 million over the next two years in support of renewable energy projects in the region.

The  foundation also announced commitments of $1 million from Comic Relief, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico, in support of a comprehensive program to address generational poverty; $1 million through the Red Nose Day Fund, in partnership with the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico, in support of a donor-advised fund to address child poverty in Puerto Rico; a pledge by Friends of Puerto Rico to expand its agricultural-focused entrepreneurship program to more women and girls; and a $515,631 commitment from Reach Within, in partnership with the Supporting Child Caregivers Foundation, the Sweet Water Foundation, and Steel Magnate Enterprises, to establish a Caribbean Center of Excellence in Child Development in Grenada.

"The last six months have provided more evidence of the urgency of the challenges being faced in the Caribbean," said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "The series of earthquakes in Puerto Rico and elsewhere have reinforced the need for recovery plans that focus on long-term resilience and sustainability. The reality is that hurricanes and other disasters caused or exacerbated by climate change are only going to grow in frequency and severity, and we have to be prepared for the impact that will continue to make on communities."

For a complete list of commitments, see the Clinton Foundation website.

(Photo credit: Clinton Foundation)