Clinton Giustra Partnership Launches Supply Chain Model in El Salvador

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership has announced the launch of a supply chain model in El Salvador that will make it easier for smallholder farmers in that country to gain access to markets, skills training, and information about best agricultural practices.

An initiative of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and philanthropist Frank Giustra, the partnership has facilitated $1 million in investments — including a contribution from Fundación Carlos Slim — in a social enterprise called Acceso Oferta Local – Productos de El Salvador that will purchase produce from small-scale farmers on favorable terms, provide them with skills training and information about best agricultural practices, and improve their access to quality seeds and fertilizers. Despite the high demand for local produce in El Salvador, small-scale farmers typically earn less than $3 a day due to low productivity stemming from a lack of inputs, markets, working capital, technology, and affordable logistics solutions. Over the next ten years, Acceso is expected to source more than twenty varieties of fruits and vegetables and help nearly triple the incomes of fourteen hundred smallholder farmers.

"By partnering with small-scale farmers alongside high-level buyers like Super Selectos, we've facilitated market inclusion that will strengthen the local economy, reduce reliance on imports, and enable small-scale farmers to generate a reliable source of income," said Mark Gunton, CEO of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.

The partnership has set up similar social enterprises in Colombia, Haiti, India, and Peru. "While some constraints are unique to each country, most are of a similar nature, implying that if common solutions were available these issues could be addressed across geographies," said Giustra. "We're very excited about this announcement, as it demonstrates the scalability and efficacy of market-driven solutions in alleviating global poverty.