Community Foundation Update (09/05/20)

Community Foundation Update (09/05/20)


The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has announced a first round of Phase Two COVID response grants, awarding a total of $410,000 to twenty-five organizations. Since March, the foundation has awarded more than $2 million in support of organizations working to assist vulnerable residents of the region whose lifelines to food, shelter, medicine, and employment are at risk as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


The Arizona Community Foundation, Republic Media, and the Morrison Institute for Public Policy have announced the launch of the Housing Security Challenge, Calling Arizona Home, the fourth philanthropic prize competition offered under the New Arizona Prize banner. The challenge invites collaborative teams to develop solutions that create innovation around affordable housing in the region. Teams will be judged on their ability to demonstrate how their solution innovates beyond the mere construction of housing units and addresses longer-term financial security through a range of supportive services, with a cash prize of $250,000 awarded to the top solution. Teams must register for the competition by December 1 and complete their applications by January 21, 2021.

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in Tucson has announced a final round of COVID-19 Nonprofit Event Relief Grants totaling $128,000 to local nonprofits and the closing of the fund. The foundation is still accepting applications for its COVID-19 Community Support Grants program.


The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut in New London has announced more than $758,000 in scholarships to three hundred and nine students, a year-over-year increase of twenty-six scholarships and more than $33,000 in total awards. This year, a record number of recipients deferred their scholarship for a semester or a full year due to the pandemic, with many students opting to attend a local public institution rather than a private college. In addition, at least eighteen students in this year's applicant pool were able to take advantage of Connecticut Commitment, a new state initiative that provides full tuition to the University of Connecticut at Storrs or any of its regional campuses for eligible first-time, full-time students, and Pledge to Advance Connecticut (PACT), a similar effort to cover tuition for eligible students at any community college in the state.


The Cumberland-based Community Trust Foundation has announced that Arthur H. Gehauf, Jr. has established the Marta Coulehan Gehauf Beautification Fund in honor of his wife's seventy-ninth birthday. The fund will provide support for charitable initiatives in Cumberland focused on beautifying the city and providing better upkeep of local cemeteries.


The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has announced that a group of local and national organizations has come together to develop the Michigan Justice Fund, an initiative to address state-wide inequities in the criminal justice system. Established in partnership with the Hudson-Webber Foundation to advance effective and equitable justice policy, the fund will support the investment of public dollars in community-driven alternatives to incarceration and will work to ensure that those returning to their communities after being incarcerated receive the support they need to flourish. As a first step, the fund will distribute a total of $520,000 in grants to twenty-six organizations across the state. Recipients of the grants were invited to participate in the Michigan Justice Fund Learning Cohort and will receive $20,000 in general operating support for their participation. Partners in the effort include the Ethel & James Flinn Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Public Welfare Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


The Omaha Foundation has announced a $25,000 grant to the Benson Area Refugee Task Force in support of a program that employs refugees to sew protective masks for other refugees at risk of being infected by the coronavirus. Awarded through the COVID-19 Response Fund, the grant will be used by BART to hire seventeen refugees from seven different countries.

North Carolina

The African American Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Foundation for the Carolinas, has announced its 2020 grant award recipients. Announced in August in honor of Black Philanthropy Month's Giving Black Day, the grants include support for a range of activities benefiting Charlotte's African-American community. Grant recipients include Action NC, the Black Leadership Social Capital Initiative, GardHouse, and Hope Vibes.

The Unifour Foundation Endowment, an affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation's Catawba Valley Community Foundation, has awarded grants totaling $220,080, including $112,830 in support of COVID-19 relief and response efforts and health and human services. Grant recipients include the Hickory Soup Kitchen, Safe Harbor of NC, the Foothills Conservancy of NC, and the Hickory Museum of Art for the Suffrage program.


The Cleveland Foundation has announced an award of $2.5 million to create the Cleveland Black Futures Fund, which will invest in local efforts to strengthen Black-led and -serving social change organizations. In recent months, both the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests against racial injustice have prompted the foundation to issue a bolder call to action to address systemic racism and its devastating impacts in the greater Cleveland area. The new fund builds on the work of the foundation’s African American Philanthropy Committee, which has promoted awareness and education about the benefits of wealth and community preservation through philanthropy since 1993. Established in 2010, the committee's Legacy Fund supports a variety of organizations serving Cleveland's African-American community.

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