CZI awards $3.8 million for open source software projects

CZI awards $3.8 million for open source software projects

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has announced twenty-three grants totaling $3.8 million in support of open source software projects.

Awarded through CZI's Essential Open Source Software for Science program, the grants will support efforts to develop software critical to biomedical research. According to CZI, open source software is crucial to modern scientific research but often lacks dedicated funding.

The grants, which boost CZI's support for scientific open source software to $8.8 million, will support the development of tools used in bioinformatics, genomics, imaging, single cell biology, and neuroscience and will expand the program to include open source tools used in clinical medicine, two established libraries for biomedical workflows and pipelines, foundational support for real-time collaboration in notebooks, and libraries that help accelerate data analysis via parallel computing, graph analysis, and multidimensional data representation.

"Hundreds of thousands of scientists each day use open source software to carry out their research," said CZI head of science Cori Bargmann. "Scientists deserve better tools, and we’re helping to meet that need by supporting open source projects that will advance biomedical science and foster greater access to critical software."

For a complete list of EOSS grantees, see the Chan Zuckerberg Institute website.