Duke University Receives $12 Million to Strengthen Divinity School

Duke University Receives $12 Million to Strengthen Divinity School

Duke University has announced a $12 million grant from the Duke Endowment to strengthen leadership and service at its divinity school.

With a focus on advancing the school's core priorities, which include thriving communities with healthy congregations and gifted pastors, embodied wisdom informed by rigorous intellectual vitality, and creative institutions that inspire imaginative and transformative leadership, the grant will be used to strengthen the doctor of theology program, fund master of divinity scholarships for prospective clergy, support lifelong learning for pastors, support research on pastoral leadership, and foster partnerships across the university aimed at developing multidisciplinary learning and initiatives.

"As a keystone leader, Duke Divinity School is intentionally focused on ways to be a catalyst, partner, and symbol of Christian formation, scholarship, and witness at its best," said Divinity School dean L. Gregory Jones. "Duke Divinity must be bold by leading in the midst of turbulence by bringing healing and flourishing to a divided and hurting world. We are grateful for the support of the Duke Endowment over the years, and we believe this grant will make a transformational difference in the future."

"Our founder believed that clergy played a critical role in helping rural communities thrive, and he wanted his philanthropy to support excellent training for them at Duke University," said Duke Endowment board chair Minor Shaw. "We are proud to continue that strong connection and to help Duke Divinity School prepare leaders and changemakers for making an impact in the Carolinas and beyond."

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