ELMA Group of Foundations Commits $106.9 Million for COVID-19 Response

ELMA Group of Foundations Commits $106.9 Million for COVID-19 Response

The ELMA Group of Foundations has announced a commitment of two billion South African rand ($106.9 million) in support of global COVID-19 response and relief efforts, with a focus on Africa. 

The funding will support efforts to meet the immediate needs of children, families, communities, and countries impacted by COVID-19 and advance long-term efforts to repair and rebuild critical health and education systems in a post-pandemic world. To that end, the ELMA Relief Foundation will continue to provide the Alliance for International Medical Action, the International Rescue CommitteeMédecins du MondeMédecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, and Solidarités International with flexible multiyear funding so that they can respond quickly to COVID-19 and other humanitarian emergencies in low-resource settings. The foundation also will award new grants to NGOs responding globally but especially in Africa; deploy targeted, smaller, shorter-term grants to grantees responding to COVID-19 outbreaks and other emergencies; and invest in efforts to respond to other crises that are underreported and underfunded due in part to the pandemic.

In addition, the ELMA South Africa Foundation is working with governments, NGOs, and other private-sector actors in South Africa to mount a large-scale response to COVID-19, including a commitment of ZAR250 million ($13.3 million) to the South African Solidarity Fund. The foundation, in partnership with the ELMA Foundation, also will award an additional ZAR250 million ($13.3 million) in direct grants to NGOs supporting COVID-19 response efforts, while the ELMA Foundation will continue to work to ensure that children have access to health and education through support for organizations such as the ACFS Community Education & Feeding Scheme and Project ECHO.

(Photo credit: Unjani Clinics)

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