F.M. Kirby Foundation Awards $13 Million in 2019 Grants

F.M. Kirby Foundation Awards $13 Million in 2019 Grants

The F.M. Kirby Foundation in Morristown, New Jersey, has announced that it awarded two-hundred and twenty-seven grants totaling $13.2 million in 2019 in support of organizations working to foster self-reliance and help build strong, healthy communities.

In 2019, the foundation awarded forty-seven grants totaling $3.4 million to expand school choice and strengthen traditional education; sixty-three grants totaling $3.3 million in support of human services organizations; twenty grants totaling $2.5 million in support of medical research organizations and early-career scientists; twenty-nine grants totaling $1.3 million in support of environmental organizations; and thirty-one grants totaling $1.2 million in support of arts and cultural organizations in New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New York.

In New Jersey, ninety-seven grants totaling more than $5.3 million were awarded to nonprofit organizations working to make a direct impact on residents of the state, including sixty-four in Morris County, where the foundation is based.

"Two thousand nineteen was an exciting and transitional year for us — exciting in that we invested in a couple of significant, transformative capital projects outside our home state, specifically a pre-K through twelve school with family connections in Durham, North Carolina, and a health clinic in a rural town in upstate New York, while also keeping to our core mission of general operating support to many long-term grantee partners in New Jersey and elsewhere," said the foundation's president, S. Dillard Kirby. "It was transitionary in that we continued long-term planning by hiring Justin J. Kiczek as executive vice president in September, developing our full team here, and engaging our family's next generation to a larger degree around the board table."

For a complete list of 2019 grants, see the F.M. Kirby Foundation website.

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