Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Receives $25 Million

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Receives $25 Million

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, the research arm of Northwell Health in Manhasset, New York, has announced a $25 million gift from Bed Bath & Beyond co-founder and co-chair Leonard Feinstein and his wife, Susan.

The gift will support an expansion of the institute's research efforts in the areas of clinical trials, neuroscience, autoimmunity, and bioelectronic medicine. Renamed in 2005 in recognition of the Feinstein's leadership gift of $25 million, the institute is a leader in bioelectronic medicine, an emerging field that combines neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, and bioengineering to treat disease and injury. With their latest gift, the couple has contributed a total of $275 million in support of the institute's bioelectronic medicine research for acute and chronic diseases and injuries, including neurodegenerative diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, bleeding, diabetes, and hypertension.

The Feinsteins, whose son suffered a major brain injury in an automobile accident thirty-five years ago — when there were few long-term healthcare solutions to meet his needs — helped establish the Susan and Leonard Feinstein Center for Neurosciences at the institute in 2000.

"Life-saving techniques to keep you alive got so much better, but the deficits you were left with posed a significant challenge for those responsible for caring for you — or you were just put into a nursing home," said Leonard Feinstein, who also serves on the institute's board. "The research taking place across all of Northwell Health  — particularly bioelectronic medicine — can revolutionize the way medicine is practice....In this promising area of research, we are realizing useful applications and results now, and within five to ten years, we will see cures for some of the most confounding human diseases in our lifetime."

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