Ford Foundation commits another $1 billion to address inequality

Ford Foundation commits another $1 billion to address inequality

The Ford Foundation has announced an additional $1 billion commitment through its Building Institutions and Networks (BUILD) initiative to address inequality in all its forms.

Launched in 2015, the original $1 billion BUILD initiative provided a combination of flexible funding, long-term commitments, and institutional assistance to help its social justice grantees achieve their core goals and build resilience for the long term. With the aim of contributing to more durable, resilient, and impactful social justice networks globally, the foundation will award an additional $1 billion in five-year BUILD grants spanning all its programmatic areas and regions starting in January.

Over the last five years, the foundation has awarded grants to nearly three hundred fifty organizations through the initiative, more than 60 percent of them led by women and more than half working in the Global South. According to the foundation, BUILD grants often create a ripple effect in which grantees and their partners and stakeholders are better able to create clearer long-term strategies, make critical investments in talent and leadership, and invest in their financial sustainability.

"Our transformative BUILD initiative has been instrumental in giving grantees the ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen challenges, which became more important than ever this past year," said Ford Foundation executive vice president for programs Hilary Pennington. "We will continue to work in lockstep with our partners by giving them the resources and the flexibility they need to carry out their important work, without the burden of restrictive frameworks that may limit their capacity to make real change in times of need."

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