Funder collaborative launched to support grassroots advocacy work

Funder collaborative launched to support grassroots advocacy work

Omidyar Network, the Ford Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation have announced a new funder collaborative in support of grassroots organizations advocating for policy change, holding elected candidates accountable to their campaign promises, and building advocacy capacity in communities over the long term.

Launched with more than $3 million in initial commitments, the Carry on the Fight Fund will support organizations in Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, and Minnesota pursuing ambitious goals with respect to broad systemic reforms. A majority of resources contributed by collaborative members will support grassroots organizations working at the state and local level, with priority given to groups directly engaged in organizing multi-racial communities, communities of color, and multi-racial coalitions; in addition, some support may be directed to national organizations working to strengthen the efforts of their state and local affiliates.

A first round of grants will be announced by year-end, with a second round of grants determined in response to opportunities created by the outcome of recent electoral outcomes announced in early 2021.

"These funds will help support the more important work of governance and policy agenda setting in the crucial days and weeks following the election, and help ensure that local grassroots organizations who represent communities most impacted by harmful policies and too often taken for granted at the ballot box are resourced to lead this work," said Sarah Audelo, chair of the Carry on the Fight Fund Movement Oversight Committee and executive director of Alliance for Youth Action.

"When community members and movement leaders drive how problems are defined, decisions are made, and solutions are created, meaningful change becomes possible," said Carla Thompson Payton, vice president for program strategy at WKKF. "This distinct approach to participatory decision-making in the Carry on the Fight Fund ensures that communities drive the policy-issue education, engagement, and power building necessary to create lasting change for children."

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