Genesis Prize Foundation awards funds to groups fighting anti-Semitism

Genesis Prize Foundation awards funds to groups fighting anti-Semitism

The Genesis Prize Foundation has announced grants to twenty-six Israeli organizations.

Awarded as part of Speak Out for Israel, a global campaign aimed at promoting narratives that counteract efforts to delegitimize the country, the grants will support efforts to expand recipients' work with non-Israeli Jews, support volunteers in developing countries, and engage communities subjected to anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias.

Grant recipients include ADL Israel, the American Jewish Committee, ELNET, and United with Israel, which collectively will work to engage diplomats, policy makers, legislators, and high-level influencers in conversations about multiculturalism and democracy in Israel; Stand with Us, an educational fellowship program; the Jerusalem Press Club and Honest Reporting, which work to promote informed, balanced coverage of Israel and the region; and Creative Community for Peace and Music Port, which work to promote understanding of Israeli culture and its links with the global creative community.

The grants are funded by the 2019 Genesis Prize awarded to Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, who re-directed the $1 million prize to projects that combat anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel and who added a $20 million donation to seed the creation of the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism.

"Speak Out for Israel is a multi-pronged campaign to inject additional intellectual, financial, and creative resources in the ongoing efforts to deliver a truthful narrative of Israel to the world at this crucial time," said Genesis Prize Foundation co-founder and chair Stan Polovets. "Grants announced today will support and strengthen the vast ecosystem of pro-Israel organizations that engage, educate, and influence audiences around the world. Their messages focus on democracy and tolerance as key attributes of modern Israel, as well as countless advances in science, technology, arts, and culture. There are many outstanding organizations working in this field, and we are pleased to invest in further enhancing their capacity."

For a complete list of grants, see the Genesis Prize website.