Global Fund, partners announce grants totaling $773 million

Global Fund, partners announce grants totaling $773 million

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, fund partners, and the government of Mozambique have announced six grants totaling $773.9 million over three years to expand access to HIV-, tuberculosis-, and malaria-prevention services for vulnerable populations in the African country.

To be implemented by the Ministry of Health, Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade (FDC), Centro de Colaboração em Saúde (CCS), and World Vision International, the grants include support for efforts to expand HIV prevention services for adolescent girls and young women, as well as HIV prevention and testing initiatives. The Mozambique government also will work to increase TB treatment coverage to 80 percent by 2023, better integrate TB and HIV treatment and prevention efforts, increase multidrug-resistant services by linking them to interventions focused on finding people with TB, provide universal access to quality malaria diagnostics and treatment tools, and strengthen public health systems so they are better prepared to respond to new health emergencies.

"The government of Mozambique reaffirms its commitment to continuing to prioritize the health sector, to work hard to combat the three diseases, to strengthen health and community systems, and to ensure that the resources allocated through these grants are used effectively and responsibly," said Mozambique minister of health Armindo Tiago.

"Today, we celebrate the remarkable efforts that have brought Mozambique this far in the fight against the three diseases," said Mark Edington, head of grant management at the Global Fund. "We look forward to working closely with the government of Mozambique, UN agencies, civil society, and community-based organizations to achieve the ambitious targets of the new grants."

"Mozambique and Global Fund launch new grants to fight HIV, TB, and malaria and strengthen systems for health." Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria press release 02/05/2021.